Terms and conditions of sale

    1. These General Conditions will expressly regulate the relationships between VICTOR TORO and third parties (hereinafter, "Users" or "You") that register as users and / or acquire products (hereinafter, "Products") through the official online store of Perfumeria Julia (https://victortoro.com, hereinafter the "Store"). These conditions and terms, together with your Order Confirmation, constitute the contract between Victor Toro and You for the supply of Products. No other conditions or terms will apply. The contract cannot be modified, unless, either in writing or by email, Victor Toro agrees to modify it.

    1. The User agrees, in general, to use the Store, to purchase the Products and to use each of the Store's services diligently, in accordance with the law, morals, public order and the provisions of these Conditions and Terms, and must also refrain from using them in any way that may impede, damage or impair the normal operation and enjoyment of the Store by Users or that may injure or cause damage to the goods and rights of Victor Toro, its suppliers. , Users or in general of any third party.

    2. In order to place an order, you must be at least 18 years old.

    1. Victor Toro reserves the right to decide, at any time, the Products that are offered to Users through the Store. In particular, Victor Toro may at any time add new Products to those offered in the Store, it being understood that unless otherwise provided, such new Products will be governed by the provisions of these Conditions and Terms. Likewise, Victor Toro reserves the right to stop providing or facilitating access and use at any time and without prior notice of any of the different types of Products offered in the Store.

    2. The Products included in the Store will correspond in the most reliable way possible that the web display technology allows to the Products actually offered. However, it should be noted that handcrafted products may suffer slight variations typical of the manual manufacturing process. The characteristics of the Products and their prices appear in the Store. The prices indicated in the Store are in Euros and include VAT, unless otherwise indicated.

    3. The Products purchased through the Online Store do not apply the "Tax Free".

    1. The User who purchases a product through the Store must make the payment through the payment systems specifically detailed in the Store

    2. Any order placed on the Victor Toro website must be paid immediately after the Confirmation of your Order, except for the cash on delivery option. By placing an order, you are making us an offer to purchase the Products you have selected in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of this document. Victor Toro may, at his discretion, accept or reject your offer.

    3. Within a maximum period of twenty-four (24) business hours, Victor Toro will send an email to the User confirming the purchase.

    4. In accordance with Article 18, Royal Decree 403/2020, of March 14, 2020, transport operators are considered a CRITICAL OPERATOR OF ESSENTIAL SERVICES. Therefore, in a state of alarm, they will be forced to take the necessary measures to ensure the provision of Services. In this sense, the DELIVERY of all shipments with destination, HOSPITALS, HEALTH CENTERS, PHARMACIES and even private homes, which CONTAIN PRODUCTS NECESSARY FOR THE HEALTH OF PEOPLE, is a priority.

    5. Victor Toro will archive the electronic documents in which the purchase and sale contract is formalized, understanding as such the User's Order and the Order Confirmation. These documents will be written in the Spanish language

    6. The Order Confirmation sent by Victor Toro is not valid as an invoice, only as proof of purchase.

    7. The prices of the articles are specified in each product sheet. Victor Toro reserves the right to modify prices at any time, in which case the valid price will be that of the date on which the online purchase was made.

    8. Although Victor Toro will make every effort to supply you with the Products listed in your Order Confirmation, there may be times when it is impossible for you to supply such Products due, for example, because such Products are no longer manufactured, unavailable, or It is impossible for you to obtain the Products or any of their components from the manufacturer or distributor.

    1. The user has a right of withdrawal by which he may contact Victor Toro via email at the following address: info@victortoro.com and withdraw from the purchase within a period of no more than fourteen (14) business days, counted from the receipt of the Products. The Products must be sent once the collection has been requested through "my account" on the www.victortoro.com page and it has been authorized together with a copy of the delivery note or invoice, duly completed, being the responsibility of the User or buyer the costs of returning the Product, including transport, fees, duties and other taxes that may accrue as a result of the return.

    2. The withdrawal entails the refund of the amount paid for the Products, excluding transport costs, fees, duties and other taxes or expenses that the User has paid for the purchase, delivery and return of the Products. The term for said payment will be made by Victor Toro before 14 calendar days from the date on which he was informed of the decision to withdraw from the contract by the consumer and user.

    3. The right of withdrawal may not be exercised when the Products are not returned in their original packaging and when they are not in perfect condition.

    1. Once the purchase is made, Victor Toro does not accept changes or returns of the Products, except in the event that the Products are defective, or when the User withdraws in accordance with the procedure set out in these Conditions and Terms.

    2. The return must take place within 15 days after the purchase confirmation date. All Products to be returned must be in the same condition in which they were delivered, with the original packaging and labels. Victor Toro will determine if the products are in the same original condition when they are returned. Items that are returned incomplete, spoiled, damaged, deteriorated or dirty will not be refunded.

    3. In cases where all the return conditions are not met, Victor Toro will not be able to accept the return and will inform the User of this by email. Rejected items will remain at the customer's disposal for 2 months, being able to pick them up with prior notice from Victor Toro or request their shipment, previously assuming all the costs of the new delivery.

    4. The shipping costs associated with the return (including tariffs, customs fees and the like) will be borne by the User.

    5. In the event of delivery of a defective product, Victor Toro will do everything possible to replace the product with the same or similar one. Once the correct execution of the return and the respect of the return terms and conditions have been verified, Victor Toro will proceed to activate the replacement or refund mechanisms. If the client does not want the product to be replaced and opts for a refund, the payment of the amount corresponding to the return will be made in the same way that the client made the payment. Once the order has been given by Victor Toro, the effective payment will be the sole responsibility of your bank. In the event of loss, damage to the Products or delay in shipping, the responsibility will be with the transport company and the Terms and Conditions of Transport will govern, with Victor Toro being exempt from any liability towards the User.

    1. For any incident, claim or exercise of their rights, the User may send an email to the address info@victortoro.com

    1. The territorial scope is peninsular Spain. The Products purchased through the Store will be sent to the delivery address indicated by the User once the payment has been verified, the maximum delivery period being thirty (30) days established by default in the Law.

    2. Victor Toro's delivery service is carried out in collaboration with different logistics operators of recognized prestige. Orders will not be served in PO Boxes or in hotels or other non-permanent addresses. The cost of shipping is not included in the price of the Products. At the time of purchase of the Products, the User will be informed of the exact shipping cost. The expenses corresponding to tariffs and customs are not included in the price of the Products and, if any, will be paid by the User.

    3. The customer agrees to provide an address where the order can be delivered within the normal hours for the delivery of goods. In case of breach of this obligation, Victor Toro will not have any responsibility for the delay or impossibility of delivery of the requested order.

    4. Shipping costs include the specific insurance offered by the carrier. In case of loss or deterioration, the User may be entitled to compensation. Such compensation will be subject to the corresponding claim by you to Victor Toro and from Victor Toro to the company responsible for the shipment and will be effective only in the event of a response from such company assuming responsibility for the loss or damage and the payment actually made. for the latter as compensation according to the conditions of the insurance included in their services.

    1. The User acknowledges that all the elements of the Store and of each of the Products, the information and materials contained therein, the brands, the structure, selection, arrangement and presentation of their contents, and the computer programs used in relation to With them, they are protected by the intellectual and industrial property rights of Victor Toro itself or of third parties, and that the General Conditions do not attribute any other right with respect to said industrial and intellectual property rights other than those specifically contemplated therein.

    2. Unless authorized by Victor Toro or, where appropriate, by third party holders of the corresponding rights, or unless this is legally permitted, the User may not reproduce, transform, modify, disassemble, reverse engineer, distribute, rent, lend, make available, or allow access to the public through any form of public communication, of any of the elements referred to in the previous paragraph. The User must use the materials, elements and information that he accesses through the use of the Store only for his own needs, committing himself not to directly or indirectly carry out commercial exploitation of the materials, elements and information obtained through the same.

    1. These general conditions are governed by Spanish law. Any controversy arising from the interpretation or execution that may arise in relation to the validity, interpretation, fulfillment or resolution of this contract will be submitted to the Jurisdiction and Competence of the Courts and Tribunals of the City of Barcelona, ​​waiving any jurisdiction that may correspond to the User, provided that the applicable legislation allows it.

  11. Measures related to the sale of products:
    1. Affected physical and online businesses, article 21 Royal Decree-law establishes that, during the state of alarm or its possible extensions, the deadlines for the return of products purchased by any modality, either in person or online, are interrupted, resuming at the moment in which said alarm state loses its validity. Although the wording of this precept may be somewhat confusing, the preamble of the Royal Decree-Law apparently motivates this measure in the legal right of withdrawal of consumers with respect to products purchased, whose term currently foreseen is fourteen calendar days. Notwithstanding the foregoing, it cannot be ruled out that interpretative conflicts may occur in the case of conventional extension of the indicated period (a fairly frequent practice both in face-to-face sales and in the online channel) and even for the purposes of calculating deadlines in case of returns derived from the legal guarantee regime in the purchase of defective products or in the case of commercial guarantees promised by the seller.

  12. ODR PLATFORM - Online dispute resolution:

    Victor Toro has, due to the extrajudicial resolution of conflicts in accordance with article 14 of the EU regulation 524/2013, a direct link to the platform: LINK TO ODR PLATFORM > ; to offer a direct solution to official bodies.


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